CEO Sean's Corner

CEO Sean Power No S

CEO Sean Power No S

First off, as CEO of RRCBP(c), please allow me to express my deepest and most sincere apologies for any and all inaccurate reporting  my staff may have made in our latest podcast recorded on 10/1/2018.  


In episode 17 of our show, we had mentioned that only 3 cycles were hit in the 2018 regular season. This was, in fact, false. There were actually 4 completed. Two were hit by Christian Yelich. 1 by Charlie Blackmon. The one we failed to mention was hit by Mookie Betts of the Boston Red stockings. 


Ultimately, as CEO, I take full responsibility for any and all statements made by my staff. I understand that it is my duty and take sole responsibility for fact checking; or in this case lack there of on my part. 

Heretofore, I am making a pledge to do better. Not only for myself and my staff, but for you, our faithful fans. 

Thank you and god bless!


Sean Power No S