One Year of Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger Baseball Podcast

By David Everett Fisher

It has been one year since Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger recorded it’s first podcast, and what a sweet ride it’s been. We have documented the 2018 MLB season for the internet to enjoy. I got to keep my focus on the game I love with two great guys who also love it. 


During the 2017 season, CEO Sean Power and this other guy wanted to start a podcast and knew that I had done a podcast before, and they knew I also loved baseball. It seemed perfect, but the other guy didn’t like Sean anymore. We decided to ask Chef Andrew to join us. Sean wanted to call it Triple Play. We got into my dining room on February 1st, 2018 and hit record

The magic was there from the very start. We discussed how we fell in love with the game of baseball, our favorite play, and then made some predictions for the 2018 MLB season.


There were some ideas that the three of us totally agree on. We weren’t going to explain the game we love with stats. We were going to be excited about it like we were when we were young. There were plenty of other podcasts diving into a players numbers, and we certainly didn’t see the game that way. We weren’t going to talk fantasy. Fantasy was a game in itself, and it could be played without any love of baseball. We just wanted to talk pure love of the game baseball.

Between the first and second podcast, we found out that there was already a baseball podcast out there called Triple Play, so we decided to change ours to Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger to further hammer the point that we wanted to celebrate the fun in baseball. Sitting on an upside down bucket with a mitt on the head, spitting sunflower seeds and chattering to the players in the field, sometimes just yelling, “Rabble, rabble cheeseburger!”

It took us some time to find our voice. We broke down the AL and the NL team by team, with our fourth brother and hot prospect scout, John Rizzo Naimo guest starring on the NL breakdown when Andrew wasn’t able to be there. 

The episode that really became our signature voice as Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger was episode 5 when I asked Sean to give me an example of a pitcher who is a “thrower” and not a “pitcher”, and Andrew and I razzed him to no end because he couldn’t come up with one. This was when we hit our stride.


A few of the episodes were much more special to me than the rest. Episode 8 was our food episode and it really focused on Andrew’s love for food, his central California roots, him being of service to our nation when he was in the army, and his current occupation in chef-ing. He made hot dogs, sausages, nachos, garlic fries, and a really shitty hot dog on a dry tasteless bun that he referred to as the Dodger Dog.

Episode 26 with Tommy Everidge was a really special episode as well. Talking to a guy currently coaching who had one time been in the big show on my favorite team! He really opened up and gave us great insight into the game we all love. My favorite part was him explaining the optimism of Spring Training.


All the episodes are great though. Andrew and I love getting Sean riled up. Sean and I would sometimes get Andrew’s goat, and if you listen very carefully Sean and Andrew get me pumped, especially when it comes to people moving to Portland who are against baseball.

I’m not going to just finish this as a puff piece where I pat the three of us on the back for a great podcast. I want to bring you the best baseball podcast possible. I want you to listen to our podcast and just be super stoked for the game of baseball. 

What can we do better?

Let us know in the comments below, or email us at I want to grow Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger into a better product, and we can’t do that without you. We have some idea of what we are going to do this year to be even more fun, and I can’t wait to have you guys join us. 

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