Community & Trash Talk

By David Everett Fisher

wiffle ball 5.29.jpg

If there is one reason Andrew, Sean, and I started a baseball podcast is to have a chance to talk about baseball. Sometimes we think about baseball in our daily lives, but when we look around, there is nobody to say anything to. Then we get to get together and celebrate our favorite game.

We want to talk to more people about baseball. We love the game. We want to share the excitement that is home runs, base stealing, double plays, shooting the right field gap, robbing home runs, and everything else that makes baseball such an unbelievable sport.

It’s hard to be all alone watching a perfect game or a no-no being pitched before your eyes. I want someone to shout with me when the batter completes the cycle. There is no one there when I watch a walk off or a game winning strike out. I watch most games alone, and sometimes I’ll text Sean and Andrew about something that is interesting, and they do the same.

I can tell you that baseball is much more fun with friends and community. That is what Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger wants to do. We want to build a community here in Portland that we find lacking – especially as we try and bring MLB here.

We decided to do a wiffle ball tournament. We don’t want to make money, that is why we are giving all of it away to charity, we just want a baseball community. We want to meet you. We want to share the love of baseball and find more people to be able to trash talk Robinson Cano with.

We want this podcast to be something that fuels your love for baseball. We want you to get mad at us, celebrate with us, and to tell us we are wrong. We want our podcast to feel like you’re in the bleachers over the right field just talking baseball, yelling at the right fielder and the bullpen.

We want to meet you. Even if you don’t want to play wiffle ball, please come down and meet us. We are really doing this to make friends with baseball fans. We even want to meet you if you’re a Mariner, Yankee, or Cardinal fan. Baseball isn’t fun unless there is a little trash talking. That is why Sean sucks, he just trash talks his own team.

So come on down and play some wiffle ball, eat some food and have some drinks, and lets create a baseball community.

If you do wanna play some wiffle ball, click the button below and sign your team up. All proceeds goes to Friends of Baseball.