double steal

David Everett Fisher's three plays

Chef Andrew had Sean and I break down three plays that we loved between podcasts. We break down the plays in episode 15. Here are mine:

The first is my favorite new Athletic, Ramon Laureano. Here he is making a Ken Griffey Jr. grab against Texas, robbing Adrien Beltre.

The only reason I really brought up this play is to remind you of this insane catch a throw out he pulled off August 11th against the Los Angeles Angels. This is one of the best plays in baseball I have ever seen.

My next play is Sean Power with no S’s favorite play, the double steal! When the Rays began this year, no one took them seriously, but changing the way we use pitchers and plays like this:

Finally I highlight a play that always is near and dear to my heart, cheating. I don’t mean juicing performance enhancing drugs, but good old fashion getting away with something, and Todd Frazier got away with not catching a ball as he tracked a foul ball into the stands.

I of course thought that the Los Angeles of San Bernardino Dodgers were being cry babies, but Todd Frazier admits to it in an interview.