Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger Baseball Podcast 22


It’s another night in the Rabble Rabble Cheeseburger offices and we are busy writing screenplays and recording podcasts. We do some readings of a couple of our screenplays of us working as the new Seattle Mariner’s front office. Sean plays the GM, Chef Andrew is the old salty manager who spits a lot, and David Everett Fisher is the clueless scout who is one talent away from being an old washed up has been.

Sean, Chef, and Dave go over the awards MLB gives players. Sean is already defeated about his Baltimore Orioles, a great round of Madison Bumgarner drinking game, and we argue about, and I mean yell about Edgar Martinez’s bid to go to the Hall of Fame.

We finish this exciting episode discussing Josh Hader and his racist tweets.



Whomever writes the best screenplay of Sean as the GM, Chef as the manager, and Dave as a scout, will win a four pack of NW Elixirs Hott Sauces!

Submit screenplays to rabblerabblecheeseburger@gmail.com